AI-driven personalization for e-commerce

Change the way people interact with your eCommerce store using dynamic user interfaces. Our design and data experts will help you setup highly converting AI widgets.

14% uplift in revenue & 26X ROI

Way better ROI than traditional marketing tools and chatbots.

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and more happy customers

A.I. toolkit for your eCommerce store

  • Smart Banners

    Predicts your shopper preferences in real-time and creates a personalized offer banner on the go.

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  • Smart Pages

    Ecommerce specific landing & list pages that automatically changes its elements based on your shopper interest.

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  • Smart Elements

    AI-based recommendation that can be added to your store page. It helps with product and feature selling.

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Smart A/B Testing

Choice.AI is the only platform to support visual A/B testing, it allows you to pick a control element just by a click. Results are compared based on the conversion metrics specific to eCommerce. This feature works across all the widget types like smart banners, elements, and even the pages.

Popular features

  • AI Widgets

    Intelligent widgets change in real-time and act as an interface between your shoppers and your eCommerce website.

  • Visual Editor

    Easy to use design toolkit which gives you complete control over your website, without you needing to learn coding.

  • Theme Detection

    Automatically identifies all design parameters of your website and adapts itself to your site theme.

  • A/B Testing

    Mirror existing Elements and create variations with design and targeting to identify the most optimal patterns.

  • Predicting User Preferences

    Predicts the preferences of each shopper by analysing their interest patterns. e.g. product size, color and so on.

  • Mobile Ready

    Fully responsive and mobile-ready components of Choice AI for an undiluted experience across devices.

Built-In Integrations


Make use of Bannersnack's layouts and expansive asset collection to create backdrops and use them on your banners.


Pull banners from the simplest graphic design software using just the URL and use them for your creatives.


Run campaigns faster by reusing your latest instagram posts as assets on your creatives.

Mailchimp Coming soon

A higher level of personalized emails achieved through Choice via MailChimp.


Import your store's photos from the world's biggest social media platform and use them on your banners.


Collect pins from the best idea repository and use them on your website.

How Choice.AI can help your store?

96% of your shoppers are just browsing. Convert them with AI-driven eCommerce experiences.