Purpose-driven personal commerce.

Choice identifies the purpose behind each shopper visit and automatically changes their site experience.

How it works

  • 1. Identify the purpose of visit

    Our machine learning based interactive system identifies the stage of purchase, their product interests, perceived product value and time.

    [ We help you cater to five types of visitors. Product-focused buyers, category researchers, bargain hunters, one-time buyers, and browsers ]

  • 2. Refine your store content

    Our natural language processor detects key product attributes from your site and from our global repository.

    [ 55% of shoppers drop a purchase because of incomplete and unclear information. We help you display unique and highly relevant content to your shoppers ]

  • 3. Automate your site experience

    We create millions of dynamic conversion funnels using our reactive widgets. Our widgets auto-change the content based on the purpose of visit.

    [ The eCommerce industry is betting on dynamic pages and common UI patterns for 2017. We help you with best in class user experience for your shoppers ]

Platforms supported

Reactive widget elements for your site

  • Intelligent shopping assistance

    Shopping assistance

    Our in-store widget recreates a brick and mortar shopping experience with product and style suggestions.

  • dynamic suggestions across your store

    In-place widgets

    Place personalized suggestion widgets anywhere on your store with just a few clicks.

  • Triggers and flyins

    Engagement triggers

    Choice observes shopper behaviour and at the right moment nudges shoppers along with discounts and questions.

  • Intelligent popups

    Exit intent and behavioral popups

    Get more from your shoppers with personalized offers when they browse through or exit your store.

  • Enrich your subscription lists with personalization data

    Automated, personalized emails

    Choice creates email suggestions for all your shoppers and syncs this to Mailchimp, Sendgrid and more.

  • Find visually similar products

    Image search for product features

    Enable shoppers to visually search for and find similar products based on features they like.