Intelligent eCommerce assistance.

Your shoppers may interact with your site in a million ways. Choice-AI auto creates a contextual journey for each consumer to maximize their experience and your returns. #infinitefunnels

26X ROI & 14% uplift in revenue. Way better ROI than traditional marketing tools and chatbots.

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and more happy customers.

  • In 2017, Artificial Intelligence and AR could emerge as critical tools for an unprecedented number of companies.

  • Dynamic pages and common UI patterns to replace static eCommerce pages.

  • Selling to consumers on a 1:1 basis will be easier than ever in 2017.


Intelligent widget elements for your site.

  • Intelligent shopping assistance

    Shopping assistance

    Our in-store widget recreates a brick and mortar shopping experience with product and style suggestions.

  • dynamic suggestions across your store

    In-place widgets

    Place personalized suggestion widgets anywhere on your store with just a few clicks.

  • Triggers and flyins

    Engagement triggers

    Choice observes shopper behaviour and at the right moment nudges shoppers along with discounts and questions.

  • Intelligent popups

    Exit intent and behavioral popups

    Get more from your shoppers with personalized offers when they browse through or exit your store.

  • Enrich your subscription lists with personalization data

    Automated, personalized emails

    Choice creates email suggestions for all your shoppers and syncs this to Mailchimp, Sendgrid and more.

  • Find visually similar products

    Image search for product features

    Enable shoppers to visually search for and find similar products based on features they like.

How it works?

  • 1. You need to install Choice widget elements to your site.

    The Choice AI engine connects up and integrates within your site to create multiple touch points. Our natural language processor detects key product attributes from your site and our global repository. You can also train the AI with your custom inputs.

  • 2. Choice identifies the purpose of the visit of your shoppers.

    Our machine learning based interactive system identifies the stage of purchase and consumer's product interests. We help you cater to different types of visitors like Product-focused buyers, category researchers, bargain hunters, one-time buyers, and browsers.

  • 3. Choice assists and nudges your visitor in the buying journey.

    We create millions of dynamic contextual journeys using our reactive widget elements. Our widgets auto-change the content based on the shopper's interest. We call it enabling an "Infinite funnel" with higher levels of visitor engagement and conversion.