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With the holiday season just around the corner (6 months away) here’s every single resource we believe you’ll need to start preparing for the biggest sale period of the year.

Holiday trends and Benchmarking

eCommerce holiday trends: from RJMetrics

Find out if the traditional assumptions about the the importance of the holiday season still hold true today. See how the impact of holidays has evolved.


Live benchmarking from IBM

See how you stack up against the best online stores across the U.S in real time. Get access to key performance indicators based on live aggregated data from multiple participating U.S retail sites.


Strategy and tips for the holiday season

Tips for the holidays from 21 industry experts

Successfully navigate through the holiday season with these tips from 21 different eCommerce experts. The topics covered include staffing, email marketing, inventory planning, site performance, customer experience, strategy and much more.


Using gift guides to boost holiday sales

Try something more than just email campaigns, retargeting and display ads over this season. Learn everything about using gift guides to get your products out there and increase their chances at selling out. Read the whole article on the Shopify Blog


Boost online sales this holiday season

What do the numbers mean for your eCommerce business? Get data backed pointers on mobile optimization, the checkout process, site security, scalability and much more on the DCKAP blog.


Store/Site Preparation

Different marketing tech for the holiday season

Stay on top of all of the latest in marketing technology from data connectors to targeting and more. Discover which of these you should adopt to create more value for your shoppers. Read more on marketing land.


How to prepare your store for the holiday season?

Why is it so important to plan ahead for the holidays? When should you begin preparation? How should you go about doing it? Learn all this and much more in this excellent post from the Shopify blog.


Planning for the holidays

How do you deal with logistics over the holidays? What should do you do on the hosting front before the holidays? How should you approach product placement on your site? Find the answers to this and much more from the Indaba group.


Site Design

Design trends for the holiday season

Get actionable pointers with detailed examples on how to jazz up your website, promotional banners, emails and more for the holidays.


Making small changes during the holiday season

While it may be too late to make significant changes to your site right now, you can still add small holiday elements, if need be, while still ensuring your site is at peak performance during this critical time. Read more on Demac Media.

Designing for the Holidays

Adding some holiday flair to your eCommerce store

Get your visitors into the holiday shopping spirit. Holiday-themed hero images, top banner for sale items or promos, background images, and other tips for small effective changes you can make to your online store’s design with only minimal effort. Read more on the Shopify blog.


Fundamental changes you should consider to boost sales over the holidays

Using storytelling to stand out from your competitors, using high definition images to maximum effect, optimizing website performance, responsive design and more pointers for the holidays.


Shipping, Inventory, Pricing, Returns and Merchandising

Combatting returns this holiday season

Returns are expected to reach around $19.4 billion, over 30 % of the projected $ 64.7 billion in sales over the holidays this year. Learn how you can minimize the risk of returns while still ensuring that your shoppers have a great experience in your store. Read the entire post over on Digiday.

How retailers are combatting e-commerce returns this holiday season

Pricing profitably

With all the deals floating around during the holidays, it is easy to get carried away. Should you go for a discount pricing model? A keystone pricing model? Find out all this and more on the Shopify blog.


The pricing strategy that made 30% more money

Should you aggressively increase prices on your products? How do you deal with the prices on Amazon? Read the entire post over on the eCommerce Fuel blog.

The Pricing Strategy That Made Us 30% More Money

Unconventional pricing strategies to experiment with

Should you offer your products for free? Will a flat pricing model help avoid confusion among your shoppers. Find the answers to these and other questions on unconventional pricing strategies in this blog post from HubSpot


Preparing your shipping strategy for the holidays

Consolidating box sizes, hire extra packers and shippers, having enough material on hand and other tips to get your shipping strategy ready for the holidays.


Give your store a merchandising makeover for the holiday

It isn’t enough to make your store look the part. Get actionable tips on revamping your merchandising to get through the holiday season.


Marketing for the holidays

The procrastinator’s guide to Black Friday marketing

While it may be a little late to start planning for the holidays now. This post from the Shopify blog covers a few last minute campaign ideas and plans you can try.


The best times to send your holiday emails

Hubspot analyzed 4,513,689 emails to figure out exactly how the holidays impact our one-to-one emails. Get their insights in this presentation.


How better engagement can save your holiday sending

Why you should focus on increasing engagement to increase your email delivery rates. Sending multiple emails to contacts who don’t open any of them will affect your inbox placement. Read this blog from Bronto to learn more on how to avoid this.


8 Black Friday email campaigns you can steal this holiday season

Get a leg up on your competition with 8 email designs you can implement in your email campaigns.


Tips for small businesses

How to to get your business in order ahead of the holiday rush

The holiday season can be a long haul for small to midsize businesses, often stretching from Black Friday and Cyber Monday through late December. This post from Shopify covers how you can get your finances in order before the holiday rush really gets going.


Automation-ready free email templates

Get well designed, responsive templates that you can just plug into your campaigns. Connect these emails with our engagement platform: Choice AI to fully automate your emails.


Last minute tips for small retailers to make the most out of the holidays

Small businesses are often worried about having enough inventory, quickly fulfilling orders and maximizing sales during the busiest time of year. Here are five tips to help you optimize your marketing efforts and streamline your operations for ultimate profitability


Holiday marketing for small businesses

Should you approach your holiday marketing differently if you are a small business? Mashable covers ten pointers on how SMBs can make the most out of the season


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