Choice AI clarifies the path to purchase

Shoppers often have difficulty in expressing their interests and needs on an online store. Get ahead of the curve, understand what they need to personalize their experience. With Choice you can run conversion experiments with assistance widgets, popups, flyins, emails and more. You also can allocate traffic to each and switch experiments on or off.


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  • flyins with intelligent questions

    Keep shoppers engaged

    Choice uses its knowledge of shopper behaviour to ask intelligent questions to keep shoppers engaged and nudge them along the sales funnel.


  • Non-intrusive experience.

    Assistance when needed. Helpful, non-intrusive experience.

    Choice AI seamlessly integrates into your store in a few minutes. Shoppers can easily access or dismiss the auto - assistance widget so it doesn't interfere with their shopping experience.

    5xshopper engagement

  • Understanding shopper likes and dislikes

    Understanding shopper likes and dislikes.

    Asking contextual questions and triggers is key to push conversions. Your shoppers shouldn’t have to go through each and every product description to narrow down their options.

    60%revenue increase

  • Highlight key product features

    Real world shopping assistance.

    Sell product features like a sales assistant would at a brick-and-mortar store. Never box your shoppers in with in-flexible filters and search.

    1.4xprofit margin

  • Image search to help shoppers find visually similar products based on features shoppers like

    Visually match product features.

    Shoppers can find visually similar products by selecting a part of the product image. This way they can match granular features on product that interest them.

    300%increase in product discovery

  • The Choice AI Platform

    • shopping domain specific retail graph

      Category specific retail graph

      Our AI system comes pre trained for each shopping vertical. This means that no matter what you sell, the tool knows what works for shoppers in your vertical.

    • discover intent with eye tracking

      Eye tracking to understand intent

      Shopper intent is hidden in micro interactions. Whether it’s a mouse hover over the price or a repeated scroll up to a product. Choice factors this and more to truly personalize your suggestions.

    • showoff key features

      Highlight key features on each products

      Only a tiny fraction of shoppers read and remember product descriptions. Choice discovers key features on each product and recommends those to shoppers to push them along to a purchase.

    • image search

      Visual search for specific product features

      Most shoppers usually connect with specific features on products. Our image search lets them select specific areas on any product image and find visually similar products.

    • Promote products

      Promote products of your Choice

      Need to push a specific category or collection? Simply tell us so and Choice will push those products every chance we get.

  • Email Automation and Personalization

    • email collection

      Grow your subscription lists

      Grow your email list with our exit intent and behavioural popups. Get another opportunity to convert shoppers exiting your store.

    • email automation

      Email automation with MailChimp, Soundest, Klaviyo and more

      Choice creates email suggestions for each of your shoppers and syncs this to your mail server account. That isn’t everything, for MailChimp and SendGrid users, all you have to do is connect your mail account and the system will send out personalized offers to your shoppers at the appropriate intervals.

  • Dynamic In-Place Widgets

    • dynamic inplace widgets

      Add engagement widgets to your store

      Place dynamic widgets on your homepage and elsewhere that personalize the products displayed for each shopper on your store.

    • A/B testing

      A/B test your variants

      With Choice you don’t get to just A/B test design variants alone. Choose and test different content types to find out what works best for you

    • Widget settings

      No coding necessary

      Adding a in-place widget to your store is as simple as navigating to your store and choosing where you want the widget to appear. That’s it, no CSS styling, no html structures, no coding at all. Choose how you want the widget to look and it’s placement and push it live.

  • Exit Intent and Behavioral Popups

    • intelligent popups

      Intelligent popups

      Never lose a shopper. Continuously track exit intent and other behavioral cues to surprise shoppers with personalized offers.

    • dynamic content for popups

      Dynamic content

      No shopper is exactly the same as the other, what they see on your store shouldn’t be the same either. Our popups are personalized to each shopper.

    • contextual popups

      Always Contextual

      Most popup tools work in isolation and don’t factor in where the shopper is on the site, what pop-ups they’ve seen until then. Choice accounts for this and more to increase popup efficiency while also ensuring your visitors have a seamless shopping experience.

  • Engagement Triggers and Flyins

    • questions flyin

      Intelligent Questions

      Choice observes how shoppers interact with your products in real time and asks intelligent questions, factor their feedback into its picks to push them along to a purchase.

    • discounts flyin

      Push discounts

      Increase conversion on your store with triggers that push your promotions and discounts.

  • customizable sitecontent

    Customisable assistance

    You know your store the best. Put your knowledge to use by training Choice to tailor the product suggestions and assistance to fit your needs.

  • responsive UI

    Mobile friendly

    The widget is mobile ready right out of the box. Simply connect your store and Choice will optimize its appearance and performance based on the customer’s device.

  • choice customizable ui

    Fits right into your site design

    Every key aspect on the widget UI is customizable, the color, the fonts, the text displayed and more. Play around, see what works for you.

  • ROI dashboards

    Monitor performance and ROI

    Get a fully equipped, in-built dashboard to help keep a tab on how Choice AI performs on your store. Make changes to maximize impact.