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The most comprehensive toolkit for growth stage eCommerce businesses.

Choice.AI enhances the user experience of an eCommerce store with AI-driven personalization.

78% of shoppers are looking for personalized content and offers. We help you automagically personalize the banners, navigation, listing, and the landing based on the user preferences.

  • The Visual Editor is your design hub. It acts as a go-between for your website and Choice's artificial intelligence. Create, edit, and deploy any Choice AI component within your website with our in-page editor plugin.

    • Visual for Inventors, Code for Perfectionists

      Visual for Inventors, Code for Perfectionists

      Our developers did all the coding so you won't have to. The Visual Editor allows you to create designs, make changes, and micro-customize all components with only clicks. But if you wish to tweak anything, we got that covered too with the HTML editing mode.

    • Deploy directly to your store

      Deploy directly to your store

      Enable your marketers to take control with The Visual Editor. Deploy any Choice AI components directly to your eCommerce store without any coding knowledge.

Preview Before Publish

The Visual Editor now runs directly on your website for a more accurate testing environment across devices.

Beautiful Templates

All templates inside the Visual Editor are conversion optimized and conform to all best practices from the design industry.

Built-In Integrations

The Visual Editor supports integrations with all major content creators and distributors so you can take images from your social channels.

What you get out of the Visual Editor?

Zero Dependency

Use the Visual Editor to design and directly publish changes to your store with just the push of a button. This allows for faster and easier campaign setup for marketers.

Maximized Compatibility

Unlike other Visual Editors, Choice AI runs right on your eCommerce store using the world's first ever plugin based Editor.