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The most comprehensive toolkit for growth stage eCommerce businesses.

Choice.AI enhances the user experience of an eCommerce store with AI-driven personalization.

78% of shoppers are looking for personalized content and offers. We help you automagically personalize the banners, navigation, listing, and the landing based on the user preferences.

  • Influence shoppers' decisions with AI powered banners on your eCommerce store. Smart Banners predict products from your inventory that are most likely to resonate with your shoppers and generate banners around it.

    • Dynamic And Static Creatives

      Dynamic And Static Creatives

      Cover all bases with both Static and Dynamic Banners. For specific promotions, static creatives can be used along with conversion optimized templates and layouts for stunning banners on your eCommerce store. And to engage your shoppers, use Dynamic Banners that create relevant Banners in real-time.

    • Design For Any Device

      Design For Any Device

      Choice AI automagically detects your store's style guide and matches all Smart Banners to it. All Choice AI's Banner templates are responsive and work across devices and browsers. And with the Visual Placement tool, all it takes is just a click to position and publish the Banner on your store.

High Relevance

Dynamic Banners identifies shopper moods in real time and uses dynamic offers to engage them in real time.

Fluid Navigation

Improve navigation and accessibility across your eCommerce store by creating intuitive touch points with Smart Banners.

Responsive Designs

Designed with HTML5, all Smart Banners are responsive, following the best design principles along with hand-coded quality.

What you get out of Smart Banners?

Increased Engagement

Choose between different conversion optimized templates for Smart Banners. All templates are composed from stunning designs, intuitive product selections, and relevant offers.

Increased AOV

By exposing the relevant offers, you would increase the chances of purchase and cross sales, this would increase the AOV of your store.