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The most comprehensive toolkit for growth stage eCommerce businesses.

Choice.AI enhances the user experience of an eCommerce store with AI-driven personalization.

78% of shoppers are looking for personalized content and offers. We help you automagically personalize the banners, navigation, listing, and the landing based on the user preferences.

  • Create infinite user experiences with Smart Pages. Choice AI identifies each shopper's preferences and changes the website content to show products and offers that match their needs. It makes relevant products more visible and creates unique path-to-purchase funnel for everyone.

    • Campaign Specific Landing Pages

      Campaign Specific Landing Pages

      eCommerce landing pages cannot afford to be generic. Choice AI is the only product in market specialized with eCommerce landing pages. Landing pages dedicated to your campaigns can be designed, customized, and deployed in under two minutes with Choice AI. In addition, you can also use our intelligent targeting and merchandising capabilities to show your visitors exactly what they need to see.

    • Intelligent Merchandising And Sorting

      Intelligent Merchandising And Sorting

      Choice AI's Relevance Engine automates merchandising so you don't spend hours cataloguing. Smart Pages prioritizes each product based on the match between their attributes and the shopper's needs so that the product they are looking for is always shown first.

Accelerate Buying

Get landing pages designed specifically for an engaging shopping experience to accelerate buying decision.

Better Discovery

Intuitive product sorting and intelligent filters on your list page allows you to show exactly what your shoppers need.

Stunning Designs

Smart Pages automatically adapts to your website's design and style guidelines so designers don't have to recreate pages.

What you get out of Smart Pages?

The perfect marketer's companion

Choice AI establishes a simpler relay in the workflow between your designers and marketers. Planning and executing campaign strategies well in advance, our Visual Editor would help you drastically reduce the design to deployment time.

Experiment Faster

We understand that every eCommerce store is unique. See what works with your customers by A/B testing Smart Pages. And with advanced analytics, you can now keep an eye on everything that's happening with your Smart Pages.