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Choice.AI enhances the user experience of an eCommerce store with AI-driven personalization.

78% of shoppers are looking for personalized content and offers. We help you automagically personalize the banners, navigation, listing, and the landing based on the user preferences.

  • Choice AI's Smart Elements act as an interface between your shoppers and your website. It understands their intent and actively suggests the appropriate products or collections in real time. By bringing the products to the shopper directly, they are more inclined to make a purchase.

    • 1:1 AI Personalization

      1:1 AI Personalization

      Choice AI's Smart Elements act as an interface between your shoppers and your website. It identifies each user's traits and interest patterns to suggest the most appropriate products or features. These intelligent suggestions increases the conversion of existing shoppers and also engages new visitors.

    • A/B testing

      A/B Testing

      With advanced A/B testing capabilities and insight based metrics, test between different visual design elements, traffic allocation, specific targeting options, and behaviour patterns. Insights not only give you the numbers but also tell you what's working in your store.

Mobile Optimized

Each Element is made to ensure that it fits all devices and resolutions without compromising on structure and composition.

Deploy ‘em on the go

Install Choice AI components effortlessly on your website without the help of your developer, as easy as picking a location on the map.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Deploy Smart Elements in the Checkout or cart page to cross-sell or upsell your products, it would increase your AOV.

What you get out of Smart Elements?

Effective Product Filtering

Show what shoppers want to see instead of displaying everything in your website by using Smart Elements to match their preferences to your merchandise. With this, they can discover more products that have a higher affinity, driving more conversions.

Reduced Bounce

Reduce your bounce rate with intelligent recommendations. Smart Elements suggest relevant products or collections out of the box, even for new visitors by tracking each of your shoppers to identify their interest patterns and use them to suggest products.