Transform visitors into buyers with interactive eCommerce

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    How are you catering to different online shopper personas?

    Every shopper is unique and their expectations are different. With Choice you can create a personalized shopping experience for each one.

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    Can you highlight key product features to nudge shoppers along?

    There’s often too much product information for shoppers to remember. Choice recommends key product features to your shoppers.

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    Are your shoppers dropping off without visiting any product pages?

    It might seem like shoppers speak a different language sometimes. Choice discovers what they want in just a few clicks and pushes the right products.

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    How personal is your email personalization?

    Unique interests, preferences and desires matter. On Choice AI you get enriched email profiles for each individual shopper.

The Old Way

Conversion is every store's goal. That means you can pack your store with popups, coupons recommendation tools, email collection popups and more, right? NO!! Conventional product recommendation engines give out just hit-or-miss approximations, heavily biased on other people's purchases. On top of that rigid navigation systems, uncompromising filters, intrusive pop-ups and ineffectual search results can leave visitors unsatisfied with their shopping experience.

Popups and email collection tools on the other hand are at best only good in isolation without any regard for shopping context and at worst drive your shoppers away.

The Choice Way

With us you get a fully integrated sales automation and personalization engine that just works. Choice factors in eye tracking, individual shopper behavior, image recognition, category intelligence and more to discover what each shopper wants in just a few clicks and helps turn your visitors into buyers.

Choice observes how shoppers navigate through your store in real time and keeps them engaged with intelligent assistance, recommendations, triggers, popups, emails and more. Cater to a customer segment of one if you’d like to, automate personalized email campaigns on your platform of choice, help shoppers find what they need, grow your subscription list and more.

The personalization opportunity: What will you do?

  • 50% of potential sales are lost because your shoppers can't find what they are looking for.

    - Forrester Research

  • 74% of online shoppers get frustrated with websites when content has nothing to do with their interests.

    - Janrain & Harris Interactive

  • 56% of shoppers unsubscribe from marketing emails because the content is no longer relevant.

    - cmbinfo

  • 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels.


Why won't your shoppers buy?

After everything you've done on your online store only a fraction of shoppers convert. Is there something that can be done? Read on to see how Choice AI can help.

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